A Recap of The Biggest Celebrity Marriages And Breakups In 2022


It’s the end of the year, and we have watched many of our favorite celebrity couples grow in love. Some made it down the aisle after months or years of engagement and watching them exchange vows was worth the wait. On the other hand, some famous couples decided they didn’t want to do life together anymore and ended their love affair. A few of these breakups shocked fans, and others were arguably predictable. 

Although we live in a society that celebrates marriage and frowns on divorce, both mark new beginnings. As long as there is life, there is a chance to heal, love again, or grow the love you already have. That said, trying to maintain a healthy, loving relationship with millions of people watching can’t be easy, so hats off to celebrity couples for trying, no matter the outcome. 

As we close chapter 2022 in a matter of days, it’s only right we highlight some of the biggest marriages and breakups that happened from January to December. 

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