7 Outfit Ideas To Update Your Little Black Dress

The quintessential black dress has become a mainstay in most closets, as it should. Although iconic on its own, the LBD is also known for an effortless versatility that allows it to be styled in countless ways. This all-around piece is one with guaranteed longevity in your work and play wardrobes. 

Many iconic moments are associated with simple black dresses including those of Breakfast at Tiffany’s and Princess Diana. However the origination of the LBD is said to be the ideation of Coco Chanel as she foresaw it to be a tasteful yet accessible uniform for women. This has not changed over time yet the options for styling have proven it simultaneously timeless and trendy. 

It’s time to reach back in your closet and pull forward the forgotten black dresses you own for a refresh – or snag an exciting new one. Below, I’ve handpicked seven fresh ways to style this staple, and, of course, the shopping list to assist. 


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