7 Fine-Jewelry Brands That Are Actually Affordable

Disclaimer: When speaking of fine jewelry, the term “affordable” is very much relative. Metals like 14-karat gold and diamonds and other genuine gemstones really don’t come cheap, but a few jewelry brands have figured out how to streamline the process, whether they utilize direct-to-consumer manufacturing or have figured out other ways to keep their overhead costs down, therefore keeping their price points down.

Over the past several years, I’ve made an effort to save the money I would’ve normally spent on costume jewelry and invest it in fine jewelry. Even though fine metals seem to get more and more expensive, the jewelry brands I’ve bought from lately all have pieces that are cheaper than some costume jewelry. And even though some aren’t, it makes me feel good knowing that I’m spending a little more on high-quality pieces that I’ll possibly wear for decades as opposed to ones I might toss or donate after a couple of seasons.

With that, keep scrolling to shop my seven favorite fine jewelry brands with stylish, relatively affordable pieces.

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