6 Skincare Products That You Should Store in the Fridge

So should we all be rushing to store our entire beauty stashes in our fridges? Not quite. According to Boland, there are six key types of products that would benefit from being kept cool.

“Sheet masks, face mists, and serums are all suited for the chill and help with de-puffing. They will also help to boost radiance, bring down swelling, and soothe the face after a facial or laser treatment,” Boland says.

It’s also important to think about the types of formulas you use, as “natural skin products [and] anything containing vitamin C will benefit from the preservative power of the cold.”

The final product is actually a skincare tool. “A facial roller can help boost lymphatic drainage for a more sculpted and a firmer feel to your skin when chilled,” Boland advises.

Keep scrolling to shop some of my favorite fridge-friendly skincare products.

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