6 Lingerie Brands Worth Obsessing Over

I love lingerie. I always have, as there’s something about it that’s just so pretty and fun to collect. Lingerie makes people feel confident and powerful. Even though it’s something you wear under your clothes, it’s like a secret weapon you have in your arsenal to help make you feel sexier and more confident. And who doesn’t want to feel that? From slip dresses to bra-and-panty sets to bodysuits you can pair with a jacket or mesh top for a night-out look, if it’s great lingerie, I’m into it. The thing about lingerie is there are a lot of brands out there and sifting through which ones are actually worth the hype and which ones are just clogging up your instagram feed but fall apart after one use.

I’m a quality-over-quantity type of person, and as a lingerie lover, I’ve tried so many different brands from more affordable, everyday brands to brands that specialize in luxury lingerie. I’d never gatekeep the knowledge I’ve accumulated over the years, so I’ve listed six lingerie brands that I have in my collection and are by far my favorite. And trust me, I don’t play around when it comes to lingerie.

Keep scrolling to see which six brands pass my test.

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