5 Items to Wear With Blue Jeans in 2022

When I describe my personal style, the word simple often comes to mind. Sure, I’ll really go for it with accessories from time to time (I love a statement bag or shoes), but for the most part, my day-to-day looks are pretty no-fuss. On that note, blue jeans are one of the staples I’m now wearing pretty much every week. And when it comes to the pieces I team with those trusty blues—yep, you guessed it—it’s the low-key items that reign supreme.

Below, I thought I’d share some of the easy items I’m currently wearing or plan on wearing with my denim. To highlight the picks in question, I’m showcasing myself and inspiring imagery from some of my favorite fashion people to mix it up. Keep scrolling for more, including a range of shopping recommendations for each of the pieces in question.

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