5 French Girl Trends They’re Wearing for Winter 2023

Type “French style” in your Google search bar and a plethora of images will surface that feature simple outfits like jeans and blazers and ballet flats. While there’s nothing inherently wrong with this, it just doesn’t reflect the reality of what French style really is. Despite the stereotype of strictly classic silhouettes, French women are just as tuned in to current trends as American women. The difference I’ve noticed is that they’re much pickier when it comes to the new styles they’ll actually wear since French women place such a high value on timelessness.

To investigate the winter 2023 trends that are passing their tests, I asked five stylish Parisians about the one trend that’s entered their closets this season—and stayed. To my delight and I think yours, too, their answers were good. Ahead, see which five winter trends are good enough for French women.

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