29 Chic Sweatsuits For Women

The weekends are my time to be spontaneous, but it’s also the time when I tackle the most mundane of tasks. Every Sunday I carve out a couple of hours (if not more) to do everything from going grocery shopping to picking up dry cleaning, getting household things, and doing laundry etc. While not the most exciting of days, I hacked a way to make it more enjoyable—or at least more bearable. The trick is to wear a good outfit.

Like most people during the pandemic, I amassed a hearty collection of sweatsuits that once things returned to normal, I had not as much use for. After picking them up as my weekend errands outfit, doing household things feels much more of a routine I actually look forward to. But even outside of the weekend, these jogger sets are solid low-key staples that can be elevated with a great bag and pair of sneakers. Scroll to shop the coolest relaxed sweatsuits that are making my weekends better.

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