25 Pairs of Underwear You Won’t Mind If Everyone Sees

The last time we coordinated our underwear with our outerwear was, well, never. But there’s a first time for everything, right?

If you tried out the visible-thong trend we’ve been tracking since 2020, including the peekaboo whale tale and the attention-grabbing G-string, then fear not. You’re definitely daring enough to tackle the 2022 version of stylish visible panty lines: high-rise panties that peek out from the top of your pants. While some may refer to this type of underwear as “granny panties,” members of the fashion set are demonstrating how to style the look in a way that is 100% intentional and not just the result of wearing big bloomers. 

So what’s the key to achieving this delicate balance? We’re glad you asked: high waists, thick bands, and prominent logos for an extra “yes, I know you can see my undies” vibe. Experiment with boy shorts or lacy styles, classic cotton Calvin Kleins, and even newcomers to the category like Skims and MeUndies.

And remember: Comfort is always in style. 

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