2022’s Best Red Carpet Moments

Fashion moments this year included the rise and fall of brands, influencer-gate, the continued demise of print, and trends, all in what seems like a short span of time. A year is made of moments, and some of those fashion moments will forever be immortalized by men and women who have shaped more of pop culture’s historical trajectory into the new decade. The first two years of the “Roaring 20s” were two that felt like a dissociative episode, and now we’ve blinked, and 2023 is looming upon us.

In the midst of the chaos, there was beauty — there will always be beauty. The immortalized moments that were mentioned will surely be referenced and talked about by the aesthetes of our generation and so on. The red carpet, a place where glamour is religion and celebrity is god, the gowns they adorn themselves must act for the spirit, and we mere mortals worship these looks.

Peruse, observe, and absorb these gorgeous red-carpet moments of 2022.

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