13 Worthwhile Designer Investments, According to Experts

A lot goes into making a serious investment, no matter what it is. Just like you wouldn’t purchase a home or a car without proper planning and research, most people wouldn’t drop a significant amount of money on a designer bag, coat, or pair of shoes on a whim either. Knowing whether said item will lose its popularity in a season’s time, its resale value in the short and long term, and more are all variables to consider ahead of any type of financial exchange. Luckily, there are experts for that—and I just so happened to recently catch up with three of them. 

Currently, designer offerings are the priciest they’ve perhaps ever been and the most desirable, making it all the more important for us to do our homework beforehand. Knowing that, I called on Jessica Henderson, a senior curator at FASHIONPHILE; Kelly McSweeney, The RealReal’s senior merchandising manager; and a representative at Vestiaire Collective to teach all prospective investors about the designer items that pack the most punch financially speaking. Ahead, see and shop the items they think will best hold their value down the line.  

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