13 Loungewear Looks From NYC to Paris That Look So Elevated

It doesn’t take a genius to make a gorgeous dress look chic. What is less effortless, however, is taking a loungewear set and transforming it into an actual outfit, one that’s worthy of envy. Yet New Yorkers and Parisians especially seem to do it regularly with ease. 

Whether it’s a sweatsuit that could easily look frumpy or cotton pajamas that should look like, well, pajamas, the fashion set in both Paris and New York City appear to know something about styling loungewear that people in other locations don’t, turning casual-by-design pieces into an intentional outfit that could work for any occasion. Truly, it’s an art, and we could all learn something from them as the season for cozy fabrics and comfortable silhouettes approaches. 

Ahead, see proof of how people in NYC and Paris do loungewear differently (read: better). 

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