13 Affordable Beauty Gifts That Look Expensive

We get it—holiday shopping can be so tough and overwhelming, especially if you’re on a budget and have a long list of folks to buy gifts for. Don’t worry, though. There are so many creative ways you can give next-level gifts without breaking the bank or seeming cheap. I should know. I’ve become somewhat of a pro at gift buying on a budget.

In the spirit of giving, I decided to share a few affordable beauty gift ideas that your friends and family will think you spent quite a few dollars on. Shhh, no one has to know. I also have to preface this by saying that I know the term “affordable” is relative. A few items on this list might be higher in price, but considering the brand and what’s offered, you’re still getting a hefty discount despite paying a few more bucks. Without further ado, keep scrolling for some luxury-looking items that won’t break the bank this year.

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