12 Cute Winter Baby Shower Outfits to Copy

We may no longer be in the thick of wedding season, but baby shower season, however, is pretty much year round (it’s not quite the kind of thing you can put a timer on). While you’ve likely celebrated a number of milestones with loved ones, from graduations to big birthdays and bachelorette parties, there’s a certain excitement that comes with celebrating when someone close to you is expanding their family. First things first, perhaps a gift for the expecting parents, but immediately thereafter: what to wear? Luckily, figuring out what to wear to a winter baby shower is as simple as digging into the vault of your favorite winter outfit ideas.

When in doubt, you can always refer to details on the invitation (or check with the host) for any need-to-know details around how formal the event will be, and whether or not there is a color theme to follow. If the dress code is less defined, however, your best bet is often to forgo casual styles such as jeans and t-shirts, and opt for something fresh, fun, and festive. Think pastel colors (they may match the decor, and will look great in photos), florals, and if you must wear black (it’s not totally forbidden), opt for something printed, light, and airy. Where winter baby showers are concerned, a stylish coat and trendy boots also come to mind.

This probably already has planning your outfit feeling like less of a daunting task (because it doesn’t have to be!), and naturally, there’s even more helpful inspiration ahead.

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