10 Aesthetic Heart-Shaped Things | Bags, Glasses & More

Does a part of your brain go absolutely feral when you see pastel pink and heart-shaped items in the Valentine’s Day section? I’m guessing the answer is a yes (because you clicked on this story), and you’re not alone. There’s a reason this viral tweet resonated with so many people. And just as New Year’s Eve is to all things glitter, so is V-Day to everything heart-shaped. From the classic heart-shaped sunglasses and handbags to silly little cute straws and sponges, now is the time of year to stock up — though we fully endorse sporting heart-themed things year-round. No matter your budget — $13 all the way to $400 — rest assured your home and person can be completely decked out with all things hearts. Keep reading to see our favorite 10 heart-shaped and Valentine’s Day aesthetic items you can add to cart right now —whether you choose to gift it to your partner or keep it to yourself is totally up to you.

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